Sunday, March 28, 2010

Possible Sightings?

As anyone can see, I have Sitemeter enable on the blog. One of the tidbits of information it provides is some identification information regarding visitors. Recently, I have had some interesting visitors.

Since this blog went online, I have been visited twice by someone using State of Texas domain. Interestingly, Sitemeter identifies the visitor as coming from Thoughtful House. I find it quite strange that they have access to a State of Texas domain.

However, that is not the only interesting visitor. I just noticed a visit from someone at Vienna General Hospital and University Clinics. Hmmm...I said to myself. This is mighty close to Transylvania, and you-know-who lives there...Count Dracula.

Perhaps Wakefield sent them a C.V. in the hopes he would not have to pay kids 5 pounds for blood samples any more....

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