Thursday, May 20, 2010

Who's Callous Disregard?

Andy's aptly and ironically entitled book, "Callous Disregard" is about to hit the bookshelves in your community. In the book, Andy tries to lay the blame on everyone except the one person who deserves the blame: Andy himself.

The title of the book is perfect, since Andy did show the depth of his callous disregard.
  1. Andy showed his callous disregard for the truth when he proceeded to rely on the false positive testing by Unigenetics.
  2. Andy showed his callous disregard for ethics when he took tens of thousands of pounds from the solicitors to prove their litigation theory.
  3. Andy again showed his callous disregard for ethics when he did not divulge that he was developing his "measles transfer factor" which would need a market that could only be created by destroying confidence in the MMR vaccine.
  4. Andy shows a callous disregard for honesty when he whines about the GMC's findings and "not being heard" when he refused to put on a defence before the GMC.
  5. Andy shows a disregard for the truth when he blames Brian Deer for his woes, since he brought them all on himself.

The WakefieldWarriors whine that Brian Deer was the motivating factor in the GMC proceedings. Hogwash. The fact is, Deer's articles brought Wakefield's CALLOUS DISREGARD to light, and they moved on their own. For once, a government body was doing their job.

Wakefield started a complaint against the British censorship body called the "Press Complaints Commission". Where is that complaint today? The PCC suspended the proceedings pending the outcome of the GMC hearings. Will Wakefield pursue it now? Not in a million years. He knows the truth, and he knows that it will come out all over again. It will be another public disaster for him.

Andy, the only CALLOUS DISREGARD is yours. Live with it. Others have died because of it.