Friday, April 23, 2010

The REAL Significance of the Mercola Interviews

Recently, there was a flood of video where Andy was being interviewed by Joe Mercola. At first, I thought it kind of strange. Mercola is a major shill for all things quackadoodle, and will say and do anything to sell his potions, brews and concoctions. What has a de-licensed gastroenterologist have to do with such a person?

And, then it hit me. Joe, being the clever business man he is, recognizes Andy's talent to sell an idea and keep the idea sold. Just look how well Andy sold the MMR hoax to the drones and lemmings of the AoA collective.

Nary a day goes by where someone posts something that shows that the GMC decision and the pulling of his "study" by the Lancet had absolutely no effect on anything that is stuck between their ears.

Perhaps the bad economy has affected Joe's sales. Why should he be exempt? I cannot think of any reason. Well, Joe is clearly doing something about it.

Andy is out of work. With the GMC action, he most likely cannot get a US medical license, and, he cannot go home again. He has a lot of time on his hands.

So, what the videos represent is simply a job interview. Joe will hire Andy as his sales manager, and Andy can still sell the terminally credulous all the woo that the MercolaMilitia can swallow. And, swallow they can.

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